welcome to funnel tv

FunnelTV is the first independent Live Streaming channel completely dedicated to the Travel tech and Hospitality industry.

Founded by Enzo Aita with over 20 years of experience in Sales, Revenue and Marketing management, including having held key roles in developing international markets (operating in hotels as a consultant and for travel tech), FunnelTV goal is to build collaborations with great leaders from the hospitality and travel tech space.

From young start-ups to large organizations, from freelancer to hotelier, any professional with a good story to share is welcome at the show.

Enzo’s vision is to transform the way companies reach consumers, by reducing the gap in between, through a disruptive go to market approach: the live stream.

The weekly broadcasts will cover topics ranging from Revenue Management to Online Distribution, from Digital Marketing to Future trends. Interviews, open discussions, product launch/showcase, live events and more.

FunnelTV is a real-time interaction live stream channel, created only for the Travel tech and Hospitality industry.

Do you have something to tell the world?



FunnelTV is an independent and totally self-financed project.

The main objectives are:

  • Improve the way companies and professionals connect with consumers
  • Democratize contents creation, FunnelTV is accessible and FREE to watch!
  • Share knowledge and make it accessible to anyone
  • Create business opportunities
  • Build a network of professionals

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