TRILOGY chapter II: Change The Rules With FunnelTV #LinkedInLive

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It’s Time to Change The Rules

It’s time to change the rules. In the last post I explained to you how we are breaking the loop of repetitive, uninspiring content. This time, I’m going to show you how FunnelTV is changing the rules. You’ll notice that I say we are changing the rules, not breaking the rules.

To break the rules, one does exactly that. You take the accepted way, the norm, and you deviate from it. This is fine, but ultimately does little for the advancement of your field. You see, a break of the rules is a one off occurrence. Once you have completed the activity you break the rules for, the norms return. This is much more than that.

To change the rules is much more. Changing the rules means pioneering a new direction. A direction which is different from what already exists. The often cited 3rd way. To change the rules you must lead your field in a manner that makes others pay attention, and ultimately imitate. Through this the rules are no longer broken, they are indelibly changed.

Making Memories, Changing the Rules

I have already shared my thoughts on how much unimaginative content exists through the hospitality and travel technology industry. Crazy when you think the wider industry is one that is all about creating experiences, memorable experiences at that. Yet the content? Far from memorable.

The days of publishing “I did this” or “We achieved that” type content are over. Long gone. Nobody wants to read about your achievements, life isn’t a job interview. Interesting how many market leaders tell you about their achievements, yet never actually release any content about their directions, their thoughts, what inspires them. It makes them seem very corporate. Lacking the human touch, don’t you think?

Memorable content is what is key. Key in keeping people engaged, enthralled, and actually enjoying what you put out there. I know I say this a lot, but we are in an age of consuming content. Vast amounts of content. Content that is at our fingertips, instantly, whenever we want it. But therein lies the problem. When you have such a huge amount of content available, how do you get people to consume yours?

Change The Rules and Choose Your Own Content

Indulge me for a moment. As a child, like many other children I enjoyed reading. Reading is of course consuming content. However, the traditional style of book is flat, linear content. One style of book did become prevalent throughout children’s fiction however. That was the choose your own adventure. 

As you progressed through these books, answering questions would take you to different pages. Those pages would show you the result of your choice, determining the entire outcome of the story! These books were interactive. Children would keep coming back to them over and over again. While we all know children have a much greater imagination than adults, the reason they kept coming back was that they were directing the story. They were a crucial part of the outcome. They were Involved.

Funnily enough Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror realised that not only children want to take part in adventures like this. He created a choose your own adventure episode of Black Mirror, entitled Bandersnatch. This went on to win multiple awards, clearly showing the appetite for interactive content. I think we can learn a lot from this.

 Marco Mari, CTO of 5Stelle*, followed on from his earlier comment to say:

“…The ability to interact, by asking questions, with experts from all over the world certainly makes content more engaging. It is clear that the ability of those who organize the schedule to offer something “alive” plays a fundamental role…..”

As Marco says, the ability to Interact is key. This is how these books kept me engaged as a child, and that’s what I want as an adult. You know what? I don’t think I’m the only one!

Back to the choose your own adventure books, and the award winning Black Mirror episode. Like I said before, we should take inspiration from this style. We know we want people to be enthralled by our content. We want them to engage with our content. How? Of course, we make it interactive.

Interactive Content Isn’t New

Interactive is a broad term, but we know what it means. We think of interactive content as a new thing, but it’s not. We think of it as a digital thing, enabled by technology. It’s not. Interactive is a format. A format of delivering information, of delivering content. A format that is engaging. Yes people may enjoy it more, they may find it easier to consume. There’s one differentiator above all those though:

People can take part

Those who consume your content no longer take what they are given. They are involved in the direction, the distribution, the content itself. They move from consumer, to creator. That feeling is powerful. Suddenly your followers are connected, they are part of something bigger, they don’t watch your ship, they sail it. They don’t see your product anymore, they are your product.

Your followers are your product. Or at least part of it. Interactive content fosters instant feedback, instant contribution and instant collaboration. Businesses invest millions in internal collaboration tools, forgetting that the largest audience of potential collaborators are on the outside. Now, you can bring them on board your ship. Now you have decided to change the rules.

FunnelTV Trilogy Logo - Change The rules with #LinkedInLive

Here at FunnelTV we are finally changing the rules. As I told you, we aren’t breaking the rules, we are changing the rules. Moving to a future where everyone is involved. The future is interactive. Here’s a taster for the next post….. The future is Live! The future has no Filters!

If something fascinates you, it interests and delights you so much that your thoughts tend to concentrate on it. Just us in our next post when we show just how important this is.

The FunnelTV Team

The FunnelTV Team

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