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Distribution 2.0 Sustainable Intermediation

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In this unusual time the best things to do is to look at the future more strategically.
That’s what Amit stated during the livestreaming DISTRIBUTION 2.0 organized by HyperGuest
and hosted on FunnelTV.
Here we are with some take away he shared that I would like to highlight and for which I
strongly believe we have to embrace if we Really want to improve the distribution landscape
and move to a more sustainable business model.
OPEN API Plug and Sell!
Help supply and demand meet & match faster and in a more flexible way. No filters, no
obligations and hard tech requirements. Scalability is a Must nowadays!
FAST New connections in days, No months!!
A simple integration with a PMS or Channel Manager may take even a year, we cannot call
this “Innovation” anymore please! We live in an industry where you can succeed fast or failed fast.
Just be more AGILE!
BOTTOM LINE Reduce the middleman path.
The booking process, between the traveler and the accommodation provider, has generated,
over the years, a long path of layers which have inevitably increased the cost of distribution.
Redesigning the inventory distribution mix, avoiding that sales are always generated by a
couple of players and improving tech stack, these are the priorities.
In a nutshell this is the way we see the distribution landscape evolving.


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