TRILOGY chapter III: Fascinate With FunnelTV #LinkedInLive

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Fascinate is certainly an interesting word. If we reach for the dusty Collins Oxford on the shelf it tells us:


“If something fascinates you, it interests and delights you so much that your thoughts tend to concentrate on it.”

FunnelTv Logo - Fascinate with #LinkedInLive

Well that may not be the clearest description out there, but I’m sure you get the picture. We had a very standard formula on how to fascinate when creating content, and it went a little something like this:

Write up a story, a tale, some information. Pass it to ghost writer, maybe one with Search Engine Optimization skills, who rewrites it so it searches and reads well. Then it goes onto a designer, adding templates and graphics, making it look appealing. Finally, perhaps a digital marketer who adds it to the website or sends it to the printers.

That whole process worked for sure, but what we ended up with was nothing like what we started with. The content was filtered. People spent too long looking at what people would reach, or what would score well when the search engine crawled the site. The result? A very cloudy, unclear message.

Focus on Fascination

This made us focus even harder on how to fascinate. 

As the years of the digital age passed, we could see our written word was getting less engagement by the hour. We live in a world where the average tweet has a lifetime of 4 minutes. 4 minutes! It often takes me more than 4 minutes to come up with something worth tweeting! A platform built on the premise of the written word, exists in a world where hardly anyone can see the written word for all the flotsam and jetsam. 

Suddenly we had a breakthrough. Video content was everywhere. Popular video sites sprang up everywhere. Within the first decade of the new millennium it was easier than ever to get video content out there. Video was THE answer. Our own statistics here at FunnelTV back this up.

Are you sick of posting written content to social and getting small numbers of impressions? Thinking hardly anyone sees the content you put some much time into creating? Well here’s our stats from the first 7 months of FunnelTV:

Views – 150.000+ (including live and text only post)

likes – 2.400+

Comments – 1400+

Shares – 400+

Video Can Fascinate, But There Is More

There we have it video is the answer. The end.

Except it wasn’t. You see, we headed down the same path. Video’s were scripted, edited and cut. Graphics introduced to distort the message. The result was the same.

There’s one thing that’s even worse than all of that though, and I think you can guess where it is going. First though, I’ll ask you a question. Have you ever watched a video where someone finishes by saying:

 “Let me know what you thought in the comments below”?

I’m going to lay my head on the metaphorical block and say that you have. Now, have you ever left a comment on one of those videos? I’m going to guess again that plenty of you have. What happened to that comment? My experience says, not a lot. It certainly doesn’t alter the content, maybe someone replies, but maybe they don’t. It’s fairly uninspiring to say the least. 

You see, as humans we crave interactions with others. When we leave those comments we do our part to begin the interaction. Sure, if someone sees the comment, possibly intended for them, then they receive the benefits of that interaction. If they don’t return it however, the initiator can often be left feeling pretty deflated. Is this the fault of either of those parties? I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all.

The Fascination is LIVE

Let’s head back to those FunnelTV stats. We had more than 1400 comments on the videos, but look at this:

1200 of those comments were made during the live broadcast! That’s 90%.

90% of video comments were made during the live broadcast. This goes exactly to prove my point. People want to interact. Digging deeper into those numbers the engagement rate? Almost 4 times higher during live than recorded!

Engagement rate POST (organic text only) 1.13% vs 4.18% engagement rate LIVE

Fault is a strong word, maybe what I mean is consequence. Whatever you decide to call it, the issue lies with the medium. Even though we know video content has huge engagement and is dwarfing the written word, we have fallen into the same pattern. Filtered, edited, non-interactive content, leaving the audience disengaged.

Now the Loop is Broken, You Can Fascinate

Well now the loop is broken, we have changed the rules and YOU can fascinate. FunnelTV brings you Live Broadcast for the Hospitality & Travel Technology Industry. The edits are out the window. The feedback is instantaneous. The content is truly interactive. You are Live and unfiltered. No longer do you create content for your followers, they become part of it. A huge resource ready to make content with you.

We can add more to this though. Suddenly, the volume of content generated in one hit is multitudes higher. By creating all the content at once, the cost is greatly reduced. More than that though, your message is out there in real time. No waiting for edits, for studios, for writers, you talk and your audience listens. Here at FunnelTV we’re all about doing things differently, but giving that same opportunity to you too!

If You Build it They Will Come

In the words of Glenn Haussman of No Vacancy News, adding to his earlier comment regarding his mantra to educate, empower and entertain:

“It (Live streamed content) comes off as more genuine and authentic”

Clearly two points that have strong synergy. Genuine and authentic content is crucial in creating something that meets Glenn’s mantra!

Simone Pourto of Travel Singularity gave his usual abstract opinion on FunnelTV:

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis,” Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his seminal book, Blink. I don’t think the main benefit is being unfiltered, rather not having the ability to go back and tweak your contents over and over. Spontaneity, often, is priceless.

He continued by saying:

Remember that Kevin Costner’s baseball movie? “if you build it, they will come.” Well, the truth is that they won’t. You need to have excellent quality content, interesting guests, and keep the conversation entertaining. 

Valuable words from an industry veteran. A strong message from such a wizard of the written word. If you build it they will come, perhaps. Build something strong they will come back, for sure. What about if you build something Interactive though, they don’t need to come back, because they are always a part of the content.

Say it, right now! Strictly live, no filters!

Here at FunnelTV we never set out to be the differentiator. Being a differentiator is just part of the evolution of marketing. No, we’re here for revolution. Setting ourselves apart was never going to achieve what was needed. It was time to show the way for the market to improve. 

FunnelTV Trilogy Logo - Fascinate with #LinkedInLive

So there you have it. We are improving things in the way only FunnelTV can. Live is here, Live is now. Do you have something to tell the world? Say it, right now! Strictly live, no filters! Excellent quality content is ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is take part!

The FunnelTV Team

Aldo PolledroTellTheHotel

Simone PuortoTravel Singularity

Enzo Aita FunnelTV

Rita VargaWomen in Hospitality and Travel Tech

Jean AitaOPIUM Muzik

Christoph Hutter Hospitality Consultant

James HarrisonHotelTCS

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